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You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Which is why has built-in reporting for you to see how your order forms are doing, to track your orders, and to get a list of your customers.

Order Reports

The orders report can be found under the ECommerce menu. Click the little arrow next to ECommerce and select Orders.

Select Orders.

On the screen that follows, you can see a comprehensive list of all the orders you’ve received, including the payment status. This is a great way to measure performance, reconcile accounting, and to see failed orders and start cart abandonment campaigns.

My Customers

The My Customers report can be found on the left sidebar.

This report is a thorough list of all customers who have ever bought from you.

The names are clickable – if you click someone’s name, you’ll be able to see all their personal details, including all the orders they’ve got in your system.

This is really useful for when you have a customer on the phone or on a support ticket – you can look them up.

You can also grab these contact emails and upload them to create a Facebook audience and remarket to them and build your Facebook pixel – the possibilities are endless.

If you need to manually add a customer to your database, you can do so by clicking the Add New Contact button on the top.

Please email in case you have any questions.

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