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How do you create your first product on

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Okay, so you’ve connected your payment gateway and now need to configure the product you want to sell. Cool!

First, on the sidebar, click the small arrow next to ECommerce. Select Products from that menu.

Now, click +add first product!

Let’s go over the fields one by one.

Product name: This is the name of the product that will show up on your Order Form.

Price: What price do you want to sell this for?

Taxable? Do you charge taxes on your product? If yes, toggle this one. More on taxes in another article.

Shippable? Do you ship physical products to your customers when they buy? Toggle this button on in that case. We support flat shipping charges, so enter your shipping charge in the input field that pops up when you toggle this on.

Description: How would you describe your product? Make this count, as your customers see this on your Order Forms 🙂

Image: Click upload new image – find the image on your computer, and crop it to the right size using our handy tool. Nifty, right?

And that’s it! You’ve setup your first Product. Now go link it to your first Order Form.

A note on the Product Sync option on the top of this screen:

For those of you who are rather observant, you’d have seen a purple button on the top of the product screen that says Product Sync.

What the Product Sync button allows you to do is, to link your product or subscription to a product or subscription that already exists in your Stripe account. This is a great way to get consistency in your reporting across the board. Once someone buys this product from you, the correct product name and reporting will show up inside your Stripe account.

If you do have Stripe products you want to link your product to, simply click Product Sync, click the name of your Stripe account which would have popped up, and type in your Stripe Product SKU (for a one off product) or your Stripe Subscription Plan ID (in case this is a subscription).

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