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You are here, to cancel your account with Nexus Merchants. One of the reasons may be the new Stripe integration that is now available with Infusionsoft. We understand that it is great news for you but keep in mind…. with every new integration there is a possibility of some “baby-issues” which could cause disruptions in your transactions and client flow.

We are grateful that you were a client with us and we are here for you still. Before cancelling make sure to test the new integration and once you have moved but still encounter problems with the new integration, feel free to contact us and we will reinstate your service until the problems with your new integration are resolved.

In case you want to stop the subscription due to the COVID19 crisis… contact us first, as we can help you with the subscription.

We are wishing you the best!

Stay safe!

This is how you cancel:

1 sign in to your Nexus Merchants Account

2  Now click on the  merchants tab. 

3 Click now on the “Trash” Icon as shown below

4 please give us the reason for the cancellation as shown at number 1 below and click ” cancel subscription” after that, as shown at number 2 below.

As a rule, written in our Terms & Conditions,  we do not partly refund any fees paid. (see screenshot below)

We hope you have had a good experience with us and are sad to see you go.
Nexus Merchants.