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How to create your Coupons in Order forms

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After you have logged in to your Order Forms account, you will need to click on the E-commerce menu button on the left as shown below.

On the next screen you’ll need to click on the “coupon” button as shown below.

Click now on the “add coupon” button as shown down here

The next step is to fill in the coupon form that appeared. You have the choice here to use Stripe coupons which you may have in Stripe already or you can create a coupon right here and use them with other merchants. Click on normal to create a coupon here.

After creating the coupon, the system will create a “coupon code”. This code you will be able to find in this coupon as shown above or later when you click on the coupon under coupons as shown below.

Your customers can write this code into the “Coupon Code” box on your Order Form as shown below.

When valid, the system will calculate the discount and apply this deduction from the total amount to pay. See below.

We hope this article has helped you and we wish you a lot of custom

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