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How to create your first order form?

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So by now, you’ve already:

  1. Added a merchant to your account
  2. Added your product and connected it with your merchant 
  3. Setup your taxes and shipping

Which means you’re ready to sell!

Go ahead and click on Order Forms on the left sidebar.

Now, on the right, click +add first order form!

On the next screen, you’ll see 2 major tabs to configure: Settings and Thank You Page Settings.

Settings Tab

Name: Enter the name of what you want to call your order form.

Choose a Template: Pick one from any of our 3 gorgeous, mobile optimized high converting templates to sell your product on. You can preview each template to see how it looks before you select.

For deep-diving into how to customize your order form, refer to the Customize Order Form help article.

Merchant: Select the merchant you configured on the first step here. ex: Stripe.

Quantity is adjustable? If your customers can buy multiple copies of what you’re selling (ex: CDs, books, t-shirts etc) then toggle this on. If you’re selling digital products or subscriptions, keep this off.

Products: Pick the products you want to sell using this option.

Edit Order Actions: Consult the Edit Order Actions help document to dive deep down into these settings.

Header and Footer Scripts: If you have Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel tracking code, or any other tracking or javascript code you need to insert into the header or footer of your order forms, paste them here.

Thank You Page Settings

You have 2 choices here: External Link and Hosted.

External Link:

On successful orders, if you want us to redirect customers to a webpage of your liking, then select this radio button.

Paste the link to this external URL in the URL bar that appears below.

For ex:


However, if you’d rather use our service to serve up a branded, clean Thank You Page as soon as a customer’s order is successful, simply select the radio button for Hosted instead.

You’ll see a simple “What You See Is What You Get” editor pop up below.

This works very similar to a WordPress WYSWYG editor, so if you’re stuck, refer to this video to see how the various icons on it work.

When you’re done, click Add Order Form.

You should get a green fly in box saying “Yay! Your order form has been created!

You should now see your order form on the page:

If you want to see how this order form looks LIVE, and start promoting it on social media, via email etc, simply click the copy icon under the Order Form name.

This will copy the Live URL of your order form to the Clipboard – so you can start promoting!

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