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How to customize your Order Forms

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While configuring your order forms, just immediately after selecting your template, you can customize it.

Once you select the template – click on the preview image.

This will popup the order forms editor.

There are 2 things that you can customize on every order form:

  1. Color scheme
  2. Placeholder text

How to change the color scheme:

On the popup order form editor, click the Colors dropdown box.

Every order form template has customizable elements which you can tweak as per your branding.

All the changes you make are implemented in real time, so feel free to poke around and play with the colors and fonts!

How to change the placeholder text:

Every form has placeholder text in various positions. You can change any of the placeholder text to your own message and have a high degree of control over the text formatting via our WYSWYG editor that works like a standard WordPress-like editor.

In every text area, you can change the font, size, alignment, weight, color, highlighting etc of the text.

You can insert images, tables, dividers, hyperlinks etc, just as you can do in any normal text editor. 

=> Any placeholder images on any orderform template can be double clicked to either change or replace them.

Every change you make is automatically saved, so you don’t need to hit any Save buttons. When you’re done customizing, just close this window and hit the Update Order Form button on the bottom of the screen to make your changes live.

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