How to find the Merchant ID for any Infusionsoft Merchant Account?

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Here’s a quick way to get the MerchantID for any merchant inside Infusionsoft

You can still retrieve the Merchant ID for every merchant you have, but its a little tricky and little techy – however – fear not! This short tutorial will show you how to grab your MerchantID in under 5 mins.

Step 1: Go to eCommerce > Settings

Step 2: Go to Orders on the next screen, down the left sidebar.

Step 3: On the right, you’ll see a setting called Default Merchant Acct for Manual Orders: with a dropdown box of all your merchants.

Now comes the ninja bit!

Right click on the dropdown box and click the Inspect button!

You’ll see this:

Now you will need to search. If you are using Chrome the from your keyboard use Ctrl+F > in the Search field type “please select a default merchant” and you get the following screen.

Use the number that is to the left of your Merchant as your ID.

All done!