How to install your newborn merchant account into Infusionsoft?

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The Merchant’s Nexus Merchant ID and Merchant’s Nexus Passphrase are needed by Nexus Merchants to connect to your Infusionsoft account. It must be copied and pasted into the Infusionsoft configuration. You will find them in your Nexus set up under merchants, see image!

1 Copy the Nexus Merchant ID and Nexus Passphrase!

2 login to your Infusionsoft account. (Make sure that you will open up a separate Tab in your browser for your Infusionsoft account so you will not loose this page).

 3 Go to Infusionsoft Main Nav > E-commerce > Settings 

Select the “Merchants Account” tab from the left panel. (see image below)

4 Click on “Add Merchants Account” button found on the right side of the screen. (see below)

      (A pop up will appear as shown below. Select Nexus Merchants from the drop-down and it will open up a new pop up box configuration that says “Manage Nexus Account” , here you will need to paste the Nexus Merchant ID and Nexus Passphrase that you copied from your Nexus Merchants Account)

Paste the copied Nexus Merchant ID and Nexus Passphrase in the next screen and click save!

Now, you can go back to your Infusionsoft Account and complete the configuration. (see the steps to follow below)

            • My Nav > E-commerce > Settings

            • Select Orders Tab

            • Scroll to the field that says Default Merchant Acct for Manual Orders and select Nexus from the drop-down.

            • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click SAVE