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How to set up a new Nexus Merchants account?

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How to set up a new Nexus Merchants account?

      • Insert the information needed to complete the form, then click [Continue].

      • You will be prompted to verify your email address. Check your email to select the [Verify Email Address] button. 
      • Once redirected, enter username and password, then select [Login].
      • Once logged in, you will be asked to add a payment method. Read the instructions, enter your payment information, then select [Add Credit Card].

      • As illustrated below, the next step will be to add a Merchant Account. Begin by opening the drop-down list to select your preferred merchant account. In this example, we will select SagePay. 

      • Once a merchant type has been selected, you will be prompted to add that merchant to your account. To do so, select the [Add <merchant type>] button. 

      • You will be presented with a Add & Configure window, select [Yes, add] to continue 

      • When choosing a Merchant, you will be asked to fill account information specific to that merchant. Please note that each Merchants has its own form with keys, passwords, etc to be filled in. (This information can be obtained from your merchant.) 

      • As illustrated above, you will find the Nexus Merchants ID and Nexus Merchants Passphrase across the top of the window! Please copy them as we will be pasting them into Infusionsoft in the next steps. 
      • Once you have entered the info needed to complete your account, select [Update].



      • Open a new internet browser to launch Infusionsoft. Note: We find it’s better to have your Nexus Merchants tab and your Infusionsoft tabs easily accessible.
      • Within Infusionsoft, Click the hamburger icon (i.e. three horizontal lines) to select [E-Commerce > Payment Setup].

      • Scroll down the page to select NEXUS MERCHANTS as pictured below 

      •  Fill in the name as you wish to call your merchant. Then, paste the Nexus Merchants ID and Nexus Passphrase that you copied from step 11. Click Save

Congratulations, your merchant has now been set up! 


To know whether the setup has been successful, please, create an order form in Keap/Infusionsoft with a product of 1 USD, EURO, or whatever your currency is and choose the Nexus Merchants payment type that you just set up as the merchant and buy the product as a test. You can refund afterwards. 


You should now be able to see the payment under “transactions” in your Nexus Merchants account, as well as in your Merchant account itself. 

If there are any problems, do not hesitate to contact and explain as clearly as you possibly can what the problem is. Do add screenshots or screen movies to give us a clear picture of what is occurring. We will get back to you as fast as we can.



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