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How to set up multi currency in Infusionsoft using Nexus Merchants with Stripe

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To use multi currencies in Infusionsoft/Keap, You simply add more merchants within the Nexus merchants account and you refer the order forms from Infusionsoft, to the correct Nexus Merchant!

1 At the dashboard of your Nexus Merchants account, click on the drop menu from “add a merchant” if you already have one merchant or set up your Nexus Merchants account and create your first Stripe merchant with in. We choose Stripe as a merchant see the following screenshots, taken in order! Confirm your choice by clicking on  “Add Stripe” and confirm again!


2 Connect to your Stripe account! and fill out the form . Tip:Put the currency behind the merchants name

3 just follow now the same procedure as written in this article




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