How to set up multi currency in Infusionsoft using Nexus Merchants with Stripe

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Advanced Users Only!!!

Complete the setup of Nexus Merchants, and add your merchant account to Infusionsoft. This merchant account is equipped to handle transactions through the default currency inside your Infusionsoft app

For example, your Infusionsoft app is in US Dollars (USD).

You’re a business that accepts payments in both US Dollars (USD) and British Pounds (GBP). 

You just added a Nexus Merchants Stripe account to your Infusionsoft – as so:

On the screen that follows, you plugged in the Username and Password you saved from your previous Nexus Merchants Configuration help document.

Taking the above image as an example I99HMN9F8E12HUPP.

Now, anytime you run a charge through this merchant, it will always charge your clients in USD – your default Infusionsoft app.

But what if you want to charge your customers in GBP instead with a different Stripe ID?

All you have to do is: create another merchant account with the same information as the last one but You add GBP at the end of your Username. So – your new “merchant-ID will have the username: I99HMN9F8E12HUPPGBP (I99HMN9F8E12HUPP+ GBP)

Now you’ve got 2 merchant accounts – one is Stripe (USD) and one is Stripe(GBP).

All payments that use the 2nd payment gateway will automatically, by default, have the currency set to GBP.

This works for all currencies accepted by Stripe. (put EUR for Euros and CAD for Canadian dollars etc).

Please Note: Multi currency users will have to typically turn off the following Infusionsoft features, and custom creates solutions for the below:

  • Order Forms and Shopping Carts (to display non-native currency)
  • Receipts / Invoices / Quotes
  • Infusionsoft reporting
  • Verify your users’ identities
  • Enforce identity verification to prevent third parties from impersonating logged-in users.
  • Set up identity verification
  • Remind me later