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How to setup your account from scratch

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This is a guide that will cover creating, setting up and promoting your online product using in under 5 mins. If you need to deepdive into any particular section, just click through! This is an overall primer for

Step 1: Head to and register a new account using your email address and a password of your choice.

Step 2. On registration you will be taken to your Dashboard.

Step 3. Your very first step is to link your merchant account (Stripe, etc) to your account. Click on the Merchants tab on the left sidebar and click +add first merchant!

Step 4. Once configured, you need to add and configure the product you want to sell.
Click the small arrow next to ECommerce and click Products.

Step 5. Configure your product, including product name, price, description and taxes.

Step 6. You’ve created your product! Now, to create your first Order Form! Click the Order Forms icon on the left sidebar, and click +add first order form

Step 7. Choose the template that you like best, customize the text on the order forms, set the thank you page and insert any header or footer scripts (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc) in the relevant boxes, and hit Save!

Step 8. Grab the URL of the order form, and start promoting!

This is all you need to start selling your first product online.

We do have really powerful settings like taxes, merchant connectors like Infusionsoft, and sales and customer reporting but there’s nothing stopping you from immediately receiving payments right now

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