How to switch your Nexus account from test mode to live mode to solve Test mode errors?

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You may have received the following error after a live test purchase 

Or you just want to switch from test mode to live mode and you do not know how.

Go to your Nexus Merchants account and once you are on your dash board, click on Merchants, as shown below!

On the next screen you will be seeing your stripe Merchant and you need to click on the pencil Icon, as shown below!

Follow the 1, 2, 3 step instructions from the next screenshot. (see Here how to find your live keys in Stripe)

On the next screen you can toggle on and off the information you wish to be sent to Stripe and the receipt sending. 

Click next again to land on the final screen where you just click save button in the right bottom corner! 

You are ready now to collect live payments!