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Nexus Merchants enabled me to do what I did best whilst taking care of the rest.

As a consultant and service provider, o

ne of the critical decisions I made in my business

 was not to chase money.  I wanted to make a difference and an impact by doing what I do best and therefore needed a system to take care of the rest.

The Nexus Merchants - Stripe / Infusionsoft integration was that system.  It enabled me to integrate Stripe and Infusionsoft effortlessly and get paid before time, on time and every time.

If you want to put an end to chasing money and that dreaded feeling of not knowing when you might get paid I would highly recommend having a conversation with Marc and the team.

Tania Allen

Nexus Merchants finally opens the full functionality of infusionsoft ecommerce to the european market without funky workaround via zapier webhooks and tags etc.

Manuel Schiffelholz​​​​

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