Merchant Connector For Infusionsoft

This is currently our most popular product – it allows you to use the following merchant accounts inside Infusionsoft as a standard merchant account for One-Time Orders, Subscriptions, Payment Plans and manual charges.



Merchant Connector For Infusionsoft acts as a bridge between those merchant gateways to Infusionsoft so charges from within Infusionsoft are processed with your chosen merchant.

Stripe Payment Importer For Infusionsoft

You may already be using something that connects to Stripe like WooCommerce or a custom order form – but want all your order data to go inside Infusionsoft as a contact order.  This way your contacts lifetime value etc will be correct.Stripe Payment Importer For Infusionsoft takes the payments that happen inside Stripe and pushes them to Infusionsoft under the appropriate contact record.

More Info… – Responsive Order Forms

Create sexy responsive mobile friendly order forms and connect them to Stripe or Any Infusionsoft Merchant Account.