“I use Stripe for accepting payments through other platforms & I’d like my Stripe transactions come into Infusionsoft as well.”

Connector for Stripe Payments with Infusionsoft

Send all Stripe orders & contacts to InfusionsoftUse your own checkout process & order forms.  Our software pulls in all the order details from Stripe back to Infusionsoft.

Trigger AutomationYour contacts get Tagged depending on the product they purchase. Followup with personalized automated followup.

Make Stripe and Infusionsoft talk to each other

No more non-communicative systems

Connector4 Stripe was created out of sheer demand – we had one too many people email us saying

“Is there any way to get my Stripe data into Infusionsoft and trigger automation?”

We are happy to say the answer is now a big, fat yes!

Gordon Drayson, Drayson Design UK

“This is just what we needed. I wake up every morning and see all my Stripe orders are exactly where they belong:  In my Infusionsoft order reports.”

What do you get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this allow me to use any Stripe Order form or system and put sales data in Infusionsoft?

Yes. Use your own checkout order forms that are hooked up with Stripe, or use Stripe’s own gorgeous mobile responsive popup forms. All that order information will make its way into Infusionsoft.

What all information do you send over to Infusionsoft?

Here’s a list:1.  The customer information (Name, Address, Email, Telephone Number – whatever you collected in the transaction2.  Order Total Amount & The Line Items3.  Product information from the order into Infusionsoft4.  Coupon codes that were applied on the order (if any)

But I don’t sell Products on Stripe… I only get transaction data from my other systems..

That’s fine.  We’ll bring over the Customer information and the Order details, sans products.  Whatever actionable data is there, we’ll fetch it into Infusionsoft.

Does this allow me to use Infusionsoft Order Forms for the transactions?

Nope, You need to use either your own order forms or Stripes order forms. Or, you could simply use Nexus Merchants – Merchant Connector For Infusionsoft – integrate Stripe as a full blown merchant account into Infusionsoft.

Does this store the credit card details in Infusionsoft?

Nope, that would’t be PCI compliant.  Use NexusMerchants if you need to store their card details inside of Infusionsoft.

Can I kickstart automation inside of Infusionsoft?

Yes.  We’ll let you define which Tags should trigger for which product.There are also universal Tags added whenever order information is brought in from Stripe.

How quickly do the orders come into Infusionsoft?

This depends on your needs.  If you need to immediately we’d suggest setting the sync script to the minimum possible time.  If you just need that accounting data to reflect inside of Infusionsoft – just have it run once a day.

This is awesome, but I need it to ______________, can you add that on?

If it’s reasonable and serves our other customers, YES!  Let us know what else you’d like to see and we can determine if this is a general roll out or a specific need that we would need to scope and invoice yo for.

Are there any contracts? What if I want to cancel?

There are no contracts or obligations.  Emails us and we will cancel your subscription if you do not need the product any more.

What about my old transactions in Stripe? Are they going to go into my Infusionsoft, mess up my reporting and send out a bunch of crazy emails?

You can set the connector to ignore all orders before a particular date.  We have you covered.

None of my questions are addressed inside this FAQ section, what the heck guys.

Sorry :-(.  Please email support@nexusmerchants.com with your questions so we can get you answers.  Also, if you look in the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a chat box.  Feel free to ask your questions there.