With Nexus Merchants you can use Stripe just like any other Merchant account in Infusionsoft (like Authorize.net etc.)

We support the following features:

  • Infusionsoft Order Form Charges
  • Infusionsoft Shopping Cart Charges
  • Manual Charges Within Infusionsoft
  • Refunds in Infusionsoft (without the need to refund in Stripe)
  • Void Transactions
  • Partial Refunds
  1. A question about integrating Stripe with Infusionsoft, I am interested in Stripe as they have their Smart Saved Card feature which will work with card issuers to update card information…for example, updated expiry dates or flagging cancelled cards. If I integrate Stripe to Infusionsoft with Nexus Merchants is this functionality available?

    My business has a subscription service with recurring charges and we get a high volume of failed payments due to changed card #s. If you have any suggestions or alternatives beyond Stripe it would be helpful and appreciated.

    Many thanks

  2. Hi there,

    Looking at Nexus Merchants for a client; they are looking at using GoSpiffy order forms … will Nexus and Stripe with IFS still work under this scenario?


  3. We utilise Infusionsoft for storing cards – although in future versions we will be taking advantage of Stripe Tokenisation.

  4. For the Nexus/Stripe integration into Infusionsoft – do you also support Infusionsoft subscription products creating the subscription record in Stripe?

  5. Do you have any idea if processing Bancontact, iDEAL & SOFORT is or will be available in Infusionsoft? I guess that Infusionsoft forms will need to change in order to achieve that. Right?


  6. Nexus Merchants creates the subscriptions in Infusionsoft – However our sister product OrderForms.com does keep the subscription and card details in Stripe.

  7. Has this functionality been added yet? I’m looking to use Infusionsoft with Nexus/Stripe to facilitate iDEAL payments. Thanks for your help!

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